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Ducks Over the Lake

A few words about Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can help you discover yourself and unfold your full potential


In Psychotherapy, a variety of techniques that are known to be effective is applied towards the growth of the client's self-awareness and the discovery of new ways of dealing with challenging emotions and issues that unavoidably come along with the stresses of living... 


Psychotherapy is not usually a fast way train towards healing or a golden magic pill that will instantly soothe one. It is a process of healing that requires physical, mental and spiritual attendance and work from both the client and the therapist. The psychotherapy provided in this centre is based on the belief that our psyche withholds the potential to its own healing; given the right space, time and ways, this healing potential starts unfolding.


My goal is to provide this safe space, the means and several techniques to my clients, so they eventually discover new ways to transform the challenges they face into tools towards their personal development.

Ducks Over the Lake
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