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Transpersonal Dreamwork

Our way of thinking and inner world is reflected in our dreams, through voice, metaphor and action. Our dreams can help us to become more aware about what is truly happening in our inner world, and provide plenty of imagery that supports our healing process.

Transpersonal Dreamwork is a process of working with a dream through the mind, body and spirit. This holistic way of processing dreams is rooted in the works of C J Jung and was developed by Nigel Hamilton, PhD, through his life work in therapy and research. The Dream Research Institute as part of the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education continues the research on working with dreams and lucid dreaming.

It embraces all psychological, spiritual and physical dimensions of the human experience, bridging body with mind, and feelings with essence. TD moves in a diagonal way into psychological therapy, with cutting-through pathways; as one processes what they are ready to work with, and using the imagery that rise from their unconscious in their dreams, it leads one person to transformational realisations and a deeper knowing of their Self.

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